Anonymous asked:
how do I know if I love him?

I think when you like someone, there’s always a little part of you that actually loves this person. But you just don’t know it. And then when this crush doesn’t go away, you convince yourself that you are in love. But you really already are. So the fact that you’re asking this question means that you do love him but you just want confirmation so you know for sure. But you really already answered your question by even considering it x

Anonymous asked:
So I've asked this guy to hangout with me and I've liked him for the LONGEST TIME. And he said yes :) but I don't know where to go, movies? Mall? Idont know any ideas?

I think you should do something that you know he will love to do. For example, if he’s really active, sitting somewhere is not the best thing to do with him. Movies are always a good thing if you don’t know anything else, but you have to think about what you want to do on this date. Do you just want to be around him, do you want a good conversation or do you just want to have fun? I think just sitting somewhere to talk is a great date because then you actually get to know someone but maybe you’re gonna be shy at first and you don’t really want to talk or something like that. If you really don’t know, movies is a good option, but think first! Good luck x 

Anonymous asked:
So I like this guy in my grade but idk if he likes me. We have different friends and he's kinda friends with the populars but we have classes together and talk but idk how to tell if he likes me or not. I don't know what to do

I think you should just wait and see. Talk as much as you can, flirt with him, be nice and if he likes you back, you’ll notice it. I shouldn’t talk to him about your feelings because it seems like you have a crush on him, it’s not like he’s the love of your life already. Just give it time to grow x 

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