Anonymous asked:
Would you count this as a good protective or bad protective? The kid I like likes me back and he's protective over me in guess. Idk if that's a good word to describe this but he makes sure I'm not doing anything with any other guy. He gets jealous when I called a guy cute. But then he asked me if anybody liked me and then he said if anybody did he would punch them. But he said he was joking in a very serious voice.... So what would you say to this?

I would ask him if he really likes you. I think being jealous is cute up to a certain point. You shouldn’t feel like you have no freedom anymore, you still have the right to do what you want. You should tell him this. If he wants to be with you, okay, be together because you like him and he likes you. But don’t do this if you already feel like your being controlled by him because it will only get worse if you don’t say anything about it x

Anonymous asked:
over the last 7 months I have known this guy likes me and he knows I like him,he is my cousins best friend (both 23 I 18)both too awkward to talk to each other sober even text and much to my cousins effort trying to get us together just too shy.on nights out when we've both been drinking he has talked to me and tried to make a move but i had never kissed anyone before so i would shy away until 2 weeks ago,and last week, i am crazy for him and apparently he is for me. how can we be less shy?help

I think you should just be aware of the fact that he likes you too. He wants to be with you so there is no reason to be scared or shy. He tried to make a move so now it’s up to you to do something because he’s now insecure about that and he wants you to show him how you feel. Just think about him and wanting him should be more important than your shyness x

Anonymous asked:
so I've been noticing that you answer questions, I've basically like this guy since I was in the start of high school, and it's still 5 years later and I love him more than ever. I found out he was cheating on me but it was just talking to a different girl but then he told me mDt night, he was only speaking to her because he felt bad for her and she's never kissed a guy. I don't know if he's telling the truth. He's now saying to me that he's not speaking to her because he says he loves me....

If he was just talking to her in a friendly way, then that’s not actually cheating but you should make him clear that you don’t like that. But don’t talk about it over and over again. It’s obvious that you really love this guy so don’t ruin it because you really want him to stay with you because honnestly that will turn out completely different than you might think. x

Anonymous asked:
So, me and my ex broke up 3 months ago and have even talking on and off. Most of the time when we do, we fight. But lately, I've in love with my best friend and I'm really happy with him. And I've convinced everyone I'm over my ex and I feel like I am, but I still miss him and get an empty feeling in my stomach when I think about him. Any advice?

I don’t think this is a bad thing. You loved your ex and you want him to be happy. There’s nothing wrong with that. I wouldn’t be bothered that you maybe love your ex more than you love your boyfriend now. It’s hard when you see or talk to someone you used to love, it brings back all these memories so if you are really upset about it, you should just block him out of your life. Don’t talk to him anymore x

Anonymous asked:
I'm in love with a guy that I've liked for a while now and the guy I like likes me back. But my best friend asked him if he loved me and she said that he said yes. apparently he has told her like 4 times that he does. Plus she says he's protective over me. Like he doesn't like me calling other guy cute, or he asks my best friend to make sure I'm not flirting or doing anything else with another guy. Idk if I can believe that he does love me and is protective over me so how can I believe?

Maybe you should tell him to be protective when you are around because now it seems like he just likes to talk about you to your friend. If he’s that in love with you like he says, he should want to hang out with you. I really think your friend should tell him that he needs to talk to you because now he’s okay with her standing between you two to tell each other things x

Anonymous asked:
There's this guy and I like him for literally over a year because we were best friends and all and he told me that he liked me all to hat time so we ended up dating but once we started to date everything was so different and we started to hate eachother and so we broke up and were back to where we started of being just friends which was his descion i didn't really want to be but he's started acting in the flirty way again and I really miss him and I just don't know what to do

I think that some people just act flirty with each other because they can’t help it. I mean, you’ve been together and you’ve seen what happened. I think you are lucky that you still have the chance to be friends with him. You could tell him that you still have feelings but I think you should realise that being together with him is something you already experienced and it wasn’t as nice as you thought it would be, so why would it be better now? x

thatniggashaggy asked:
im heartbroken but i should be over it but i see her all the time and im friends with her friends and like i dont know what to do...

Who says that you should be over it? You should take as much time as you need. If you liked someone so much, it’s hard to just forget about them. And about seeing each other all the time, you should really see this as a good thing. It would be so much worse if you didn’t see her at all, cause then you would miss her and that is so bad when you want to get over someone. Letting go of someone is always hard, I know x

Anonymous asked:
my best friend told me that he doesn't really feel a lot and nothing seems to interest him anymore. he said he questions every choice he makes, he doesn't think he has any good qualities. I really want to be there for him and show him how much he matters but he doesn't let me in that often. he usually puts on this no-care exterior and jokes about everything. he means the world to me and I just need to show him that

I don’t think you should always talk about how sad he is or about his behaviour. Just tell him that you are there for him if he wants to talk about it and try to have fun with him. It will make him stop thinking about his problems for a while and he will be thankful towards you for doing that x

Anonymous asked:
What you do for these people that thoroughly need help is amazing. I just want to say you are a warm hearted person and you do alot for these people, I look up to you.

Reactions like this really make it worth it. I don’t believe I really help people but I just want them to know that when you think you have no one to share your problems with, sharing them with a stranger is the best way. Thank you so much for this message! x

Anonymous asked:
ive really liked this girl for a year. shes been dating this guy for 2 years now but after hearing that people thought me and her were hooking up admitted she liked me. i was kinda astonished cause i thought she was straight lol and cause shes so perfect and im like eh. so i told her i liked her too and we flirted around for a couple weeks and she kissed me/made out and i really liked it. i dont know what to do because she cant keep cheating on the guy but i think im in love with her.. help.

Well the fact that she did cheated on her boyfriend with you means that she must love you too. I think that she just wants to know herself, does he like boys of girls, it’s a big guess for her I think. Maybe you should explain her why you like girls and why you like her. I think she needs someone who understands her so don’t push her right away to break up with her boyfriend. She needs time and if you want to be with her you’ll have to tell her this. Tell her that you’ll be there if she needs you, she will remember that x

Anonymous asked:
Me and boyfriend have been together for 7 months. We're madly in love with each other, he tells me how much he cares about me and we have a good relationship. He asks me to meet his family and I do everything for him but once I ask for something like coming to a family cookout, it's like pulling teeth. And he always gets mad when I get pissed when he says he doesn't want to go. What do I do? Because it's not fair how much I do for him and how little he does for me. Please helpp

Maybe you should tell him that your relationship is more like you doing stuff for him and it should be you both being there for each other. If he asks you to do something for him, you have the right to say no. You don’t need to do everything he says, you know. If he doesn’t want to do something for you, then you shouldn’t give him attention anymore x

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